rah-ra (silver_speak) wrote in stripeyfae,

The Place Formally Forgotten

The breeze may come and touch the depth of your soul, but I see the look in your eye and I know before I see the beginning of movement; you turn away. The ocean may long for the feeling of your heart tossed about in it's waves, because it yearns for that knowledge of completion. But you deny it, again. The walk becomes as a tyrant beating at your wretched body, but you persist and keep your eye from the beauty of the green fields to your right and to your left. The purple irises sway in the lovely wind calling you to find rest where they know will restore your health. But here I watch, and you deny this love also. Alas, directly upon the end of your path the jagged cliffs reach monstrous heights, where the clouds may dip and swirl and bathe. Weary hearted you cannot find persistance any longer, this must be the end. Heavy hearted, and heavy footed, you reach the heights that consume you with a refreshing entanglement. You mourn deeply inside, and shake. You cannot have this here. I see the steps that you have been seeking over the edge of the cliff, directly under you. But the ocean far below you is what your eyes engage in. Here the end! You cry a most bitter and overwhelming call, the end to your hope indeed. Fear over takes me as I watch bewildered, astonished. The most precious and most worthy treasure of all lies beneath you. I rush from my heavenly fortresses to rescue your tattered body, to show you the way to go to find your everlasting comfort. The time grew nearer, and you grew more inertly distressed. You cried to the tumbling skies to send you death and death that you might have. My feet grew weary as I raced with wind pulling me with it's force, but as I came upon you, you shivered and quaked. Goodbye my dear, you called. And leapt off the cliff, never feasting your eyes upon what you so desired. I wept and I wept day and night, knowing you never beheld the true desires that I had laid before you, your entire journey. And as I prepared to follow you dearly, I crept down the torturous cliff to find what you had been seeking. And never had I known but what you were seeking was the other piece of your heart. It glowed when I neared and sang the most lovely of songs when I gazed upon it. I touched it and realized that this, this was my heart. And when I gazed into my beating chest, I didn't recognize my heart as my own but my dearest's own. As I stepped away I proclaimed my love and sealed the journey tight, for no one else to stumble upon the wretched fate. Goodbye my dear, I called and joined my lover intertwined forever with the waves of the seas and the irises calling after me.
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