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Remember, dont let many people find out who i am. :-(. please. its secret.

Twas a night of infinite passion....however was later swept away with a lonliness only i can describe. my only weekness is when i see myself in a broken mirror.....wrapping and twisting the hatred throughout--and around my own shattered corpse. 2 white pills took my despair and burned it to the floor.... the ashes stain the air with poetic verses...knocking my head out of allignment with gravity. stumbling. dare you not notice. this illusion, isnt. and illusion. this is reality. as if these 2 white pills hadnt taken controll over my heart and soul enough....you. you really did a number on me. two comrads sad inthe corner...hiding there passion beneath the table. not noticable at first.... glancing in there eyes. screeming my silent screems. stabbing my transparent heart. wasnt much to look at but your eyes. oh, how i love those eyes. out of confusion and illusion....glancing down. noticing. the passion. beneath the table. though, i thought i had controll over this dead end device.. not this evening i didnt. the moon was on my back, as if i had done somthing wrong. the light blinded me so..but not as much as your eyes. oh. how i love those eyes. how did it feel? it was the first. i can tell. though, live must I. .....these 2 white pills---will come back to haunt me. well, off i go.......its that time....when you came back....and haunted me.
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