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[24 Jun 2003|07:07pm]

I'm extending this online literature journal to anyone (from solely being a local community). If you would like to become a member please email me or leave a comment with your username/location.
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Velvetie Skie [10 Apr 2003|06:28pm]

Yeah we got eachother things, but I don't want any of it back. It's yours and these are mine. Um I just wanted to say thanks. Your heart made my face then. and Sometimes it still does. You're there somewhere like the lines on a sea shell. On a string around my neck you are. Like a blue velvetie skie appearing every night yet every night it's a surprise. You're like that. Somewhere deep inside of me. Like how you made me and how I owe you the world.
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i heard the news. [03 Feb 2003|07:33am]

[ mood | blank ]

The destraction im looking for is nowhere to be found. the shadows and echos of your past haunt me with reckless threats. watch me fall through the stars.... with nothing holding me down. your voice reapeats its self over and over in this spinning head of non-existant wisdom. when will you take my hand. guide me. take me away from these stars. you bring me to my knees.

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Remember, dont let many people find out who i am. :-(. please. its secret. [02 Feb 2003|10:21pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Twas a night of infinite passion....however was later swept away with a lonliness only i can describe. my only weekness is when i see myself in a broken mirror.....wrapping and twisting the hatred throughout--and around my own shattered corpse. 2 white pills took my despair and burned it to the floor.... the ashes stain the air with poetic verses...knocking my head out of allignment with gravity. stumbling. dare you not notice. this illusion, isnt. and illusion. this is reality. as if these 2 white pills hadnt taken controll over my heart and soul enough....you. you really did a number on me. two comrads sad inthe corner...hiding there passion beneath the table. not noticable at first.... glancing in there eyes. screeming my silent screems. stabbing my transparent heart. wasnt much to look at but your eyes. oh, how i love those eyes. out of confusion and illusion....glancing down. noticing. the passion. beneath the table. though, i thought i had controll over this dead end device.. not this evening i didnt. the moon was on my back, as if i had done somthing wrong. the light blinded me so..but not as much as your eyes. oh. how i love those eyes. how did it feel? it was the first. i can tell. though, live must I. .....these 2 white pills---will come back to haunt me. well, off i go.......its that time....when you came back....and haunted me.

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Killed By The Sun [26 Dec 2002|04:19pm]

Ever retreated into the dark,
The shadows are my home,
sipping from this glass of blood.
I'm dye-ing inside.
Are you.
Seems as though we are all being kileld by the sun.
Stricken with the dark beauty which is life.
That which is death.
Youth is a faeri tale, nothing more than a day.
Youth is a dream Killed.
By the light that shines through paitned glass
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Part I {The Raven Cafe} [26 Dec 2002|12:37am]

The day drizzled upon the road in front of her car. The thunder cracked and the headlights reflected upon the torrents of rain washing across the suffocating highway. A car swerved in the lane right of her, into her lane. She swerved as the uncontrolled car made contact with the right side of her car. The music silenced, the hearts stopped amoungst heavy beating, and the terrifying noise was muted. Her eyes widened and everything froze, before ripping loose and creating realitie's chaos. Her fingers strangled the wheel beneath them and everything haulted again, but it was real. A black tape slid out from under the passenger seat next to her. She glanced down and stared at it, almost-nothing flooding her mind.
Would you like to exchange numbers? Maybe we can get together this summer or something.
The summer heat had poured into the school and it was apparent on the student's faces. The boy she had an eye on during the year was asking to exchange numbers with her. She gulped. A group of his friends appeared around him suddenly and seemed to drown her out immediately. Oh well. She just walked away. The quiet pitter-patter of footsteps hurried from behind her. As she turned she met a face with uncertainty painted all over it. In his hand he held a cassette plastic case. Black pen was inked on the white paper. She looked back into his eyes. He stared silent. And readjusted his footing.
My band is playing tonight at The Raven Cafe. It would be nice to see you there.
Now this was different.
Okay, I'll see if I can make it.
He was all-to-quiet again and offered up the hand with the tape in it. She placed her hand over it, her fingers sliding over his to grip the case.
He stared at her and smiled quickly.
Have a good summer, California.
He left as quickly as he came and she just turned around and continued her walk with the cassette in hand. Why did he call her California?

Her mind recalled all the emotion she felt, and wondered if she hurt him in any way by not showing up that night at the show. Why now, did she think about him? Why had the tape never left her car. Sirens were heard, and she realized she was crying.
The night reviewed at 7:04, and she was finally home. She slipped in the tape and touched the worn torn paper that had been apart from the tape for months probably. The black ink had run and it was written with a creative hand. A title was written larger than the song titles following it: California Suicide. She gulped and the music crept slowly, quietly into her ears and exploded with an eery feeling. She whispered California Suicide and fell into bed, the red sheets swallowing her.
It was just like she imagined. The reddened walls climbed into a black torment of dying stars and heaven-envying tree branches. No one stared at her and she felt remorseful for not being there that night. But why, she never even knew him. She ordered a small Mocha and receeded into a table facing a wooden stage that bore holes and aged cracks.
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Don't Waste Your Kisses On Our Losing Love [18 Dec 2002|10:22pm]

The door creaked open and I saw the silhoutte of you lying there on the bed you swore as only your own. I shuttered, and I stumbled. The sheets draped on to the floor and your eyes met mine with a heavy silence. I fled. And left you to your awkward moment of explaining who I was.
Nothing, don't worry. Now come here and kiss me with your poison lips.
Entanglement never seemed so familar until I was alone. Here I was, not there, not weeping. I was too hollow for tears and you liked to walk away from me saying it was me. It was always me and you never blew a kiss my way. Just a hardened heart, too stiff to hear a quiet voice saying that you are welcome nearer dear. What to choose and you are alone now. So where did we go?
Father God search these out and reveal two broken hearts to be healed. I am weak and I need your stability.
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RUN!RUN FOR YOU LIFE! oh wait, hello dead love. [17 Dec 2002|06:34pm]

[ mood | horror-like ]

so the night has come, its a terror-fying sight. the night were all loves lost come beck to life. tonight all the loves dead rise.the night sky is like never befor, the air is filled thickly with screams and gore. tonight the zombies come, they strive for flesh but also love. please come see what your love did to me.

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So We're Leaving Things Undone [17 Dec 2002|05:23pm]

I wonder in a deepest place, in the solitude of the heavenly places. If my voice may tickle your ear in the memories of your time. Did you forget the eager look on your face when we didn't speak? For I shut my eyes and I see it clear and brisk. But I gaze out of the frost-bitten window and feel the coldness decaying me once again. The moon is high, and are your hopes. So I still the moment and forget you.
The doors are shut and I'm not inside.
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The Place Formally Forgotten [16 Dec 2002|09:31pm]


The breeze may come and touch the depth of your soul, but I see the look in your eye and I know before I see the beginning of movement; you turn away. The ocean may long for the feeling of your heart tossed about in it's waves, because it yearns for that knowledge of completion. But you deny it, again. The walk becomes as a tyrant beating at your wretched body, but you persist and keep your eye from the beauty of the green fields to your right and to your left. The purple irises sway in the lovely wind calling you to find rest where they know will restore your health. But here I watch, and you deny this love also. Alas, directly upon the end of your path the jagged cliffs reach monstrous heights, where the clouds may dip and swirl and bathe. Weary hearted you cannot find persistance any longer, this must be the end. Heavy hearted, and heavy footed, you reach the heights that consume you with a refreshing entanglement. You mourn deeply inside, and shake. You cannot have this here. I see the steps that you have been seeking over the edge of the cliff, directly under you. But the ocean far below you is what your eyes engage in. Here the end! You cry a most bitter and overwhelming call, the end to your hope indeed. Fear over takes me as I watch bewildered, astonished. The most precious and most worthy treasure of all lies beneath you. I rush from my heavenly fortresses to rescue your tattered body, to show you the way to go to find your everlasting comfort. The time grew nearer, and you grew more inertly distressed. You cried to the tumbling skies to send you death and death that you might have. My feet grew weary as I raced with wind pulling me with it's force, but as I came upon you, you shivered and quaked. Goodbye my dear, you called. And leapt off the cliff, never feasting your eyes upon what you so desired. I wept and I wept day and night, knowing you never beheld the true desires that I had laid before you, your entire journey. And as I prepared to follow you dearly, I crept down the torturous cliff to find what you had been seeking. And never had I known but what you were seeking was the other piece of your heart. It glowed when I neared and sang the most lovely of songs when I gazed upon it. I touched it and realized that this, this was my heart. And when I gazed into my beating chest, I didn't recognize my heart as my own but my dearest's own. As I stepped away I proclaimed my love and sealed the journey tight, for no one else to stumble upon the wretched fate. Goodbye my dear, I called and joined my lover intertwined forever with the waves of the seas and the irises calling after me.
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south of the parting road [16 Dec 2002|06:50pm]

and i am convinced. not seeing you for two years has done a great deal to my heart. seeing as well. i hope to again hear your voice, to see your eyes look happy. the dullness to your heart leave when we again meet. sleep tight love.
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Just a quick thought.. [13 Dec 2002|10:39pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I was just wondering, what are some of the main things that inspire you?

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Official Beginning [13 Dec 2002|05:22pm]

Please write, read + enjoy. To become a member please email thedeadend@hotmail.com and you'll be notified within a week. Everything posted will be kept strictly creative + independent. This is just a resource for prescott based kids to read eachother's creative writing, whether it be factual, political, emotional or fanciful. Take advantage and gain more thought from other individual minds. -rach and the other kids
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